by Anonymous

Editors note: This item appeared in the March 21, 1889 edition of the Cokato Observer and was signed by 'Rob The Ranter.' There is no indication to whom this mysterious 'Rob' was. But we liked the humor and information in his 'rant.' We hope you do too.
Having read the articles lately published in the Howard Lake Herald reflecting upon the moral condition of the citizens of Cokato and vicinity, I thought Burns Address to a Louse might apply to the writer of the article mentioned.
Ok was some power the giftie give us,
To se ourselves as others see us,
It was from many a blunder free us,
And foolish notion.

It is undoubtedly true, that in proportion to the number of inhabitants Cokato has more members in good standing in the different churches than any other township in the county, Stockholm excepted.

For the benefit of the editor of the Herald, I submit to his investigation the following: The Swedish Evangelical Lutheran church of Cokato, membership 230; Swedish Evangelical church of Crow River, member- ship 200; Swedish Evangelical Lutheran church of Stockholm, membership 575.

Cokato Sunday School has 10 teachers and about 80 scholars. Crow River has two Sunday Schools, Stockholm church has three Sunday Schools. The Swedish Baptist church of Cokato has about 75 members. The Finnish Lutheran Congregational church of Cokato has about 500 members.

There are also other religious organizations, such as the Swedish Mission church of Stockholm, who built a church last summer. Nearly all the different organizations mentioned are tributary to, and do their trading and other business transactions at Cokato.

As a rule the members of our different religious denominations practice what they profess; they do not carry religious tracts in one pocket and a whiskey bottle in the other, one to drink or sell to distributors. They do not go to places of worship to display their fine clothing, nor to make assignations, nor do they
Stretch a point to catch a plack,
Abuse a neighbor behind his back,
Crawl through a window from a whore,
But point the rake that takes the door

The Cokato and Stockholm ministers are furnished with parsonages and are paid sufficient to feed and clothe themselves and families, without playing chuck-luck, poker, or dealing faro.

There is a Good Templars Lodge and a Masonic Lodge in Cokato. The Cokato business men have as good commercial standing as any business men in the Northwest. Hotels, hardware stores, and in fact all business places in Cokato (and you may add the saloons if you please) have not their superiors if their equals in Wright county, and all this in immoral Cokato.
My son these maxims make a rule;
And jump them aye together
The rigid righteous is a fool,
The rigid wise author.